Our Vision

83 Degrees South is the trusted consulting partner of choice for our customers, and to realize true business value for our customers and ecosystem, by leveraging the unique skills, competences, knowledge and experience of our partners and employees. 

Our Name - Inspired by Ernest Shackleton

Sir Henry Ernest Shackleton's approach to managing Artic expeditions inspired our name choice.

Sir Shackleton, an Anglo-Irish explorer born in Kilkea, Ireland (1874 – 1922), embarked on four Antarctic expeditions and was knighted for traveling the furthest south of any contemporary human on his voyage aboard Nimrod. 'Farthest south' till then meant the 82°17’ mark set by Robert Scott’s southern march in December 1902. Sir Shackleton was part of Scott's 'Discovery' expedition.

Sir Shackleton reached 83° South in his earlier expeditions, but was not able to compete his intended goal of being the first to reach the South Pole, without endangering himself and his crew. Instead, he chose for a safe return to his family and the chance of a new challenge later. He did not see his early return as a defeat, but as a learning experience and chance for something greater later.

When Shackleton first announced his next endeavor in the March 1907 edition of Geographical Journal, the British Antarctic 'Nimrod Expedition', he said 'What lies beyond 83 Degrees South, we cannot tell, but I am of opinion that we can follow the trend of the southern mountains for a very long way south, before they turn either east or west'.

He was convinced that despite the uncertainty about the challenges ahead of them, with the right team, the right risk assessment and right contingency plans, they would  be successful. 

Our Mission

83 Degrees South's mission is to create business value for customers by providing project leadership services, technology management expertise, subject matter knowledge, software, training, research and outsourcing.

Our Values

  • Commitment to Customers

  • Passion for Innovation

  • Growth through People

  • Open, Inclusive and Sustainable Leadership

  • Partnerships for Success

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